New volunteer: Abdo

We are pleased to welcome a new volunteer to the team, Abdo. Abdo is based in Dundee and will be working on one of our “Your Area” Guides for us. Here’s a little more about Abdo:

My name is Abdo and I am in S6 studying at Harris Academy in Dundee. I moved to Scotland in 2016 – before then I lived in England. I classify myself as athletic and I play football in my free time. I decided to look for a volunteering opportunity which I can accomplish during weekends, so I conducted a search on the internet. I was pleased to find the online researcher opportunity with Housing Options Scotland (HOS) advertised on the My World of Work website. I contacted HOS and received the necessary induction sessions.

I am looking forward to working with HOS to contribute back to society and support disabled and older members of the community. On a personal and academic level, I am planning to pursue further education and to continue to university after school. I believe this volunteering opportunity will polish my research and writing skills and will help me to gain further experience in gathering information and producing reports. I believe this opportunity will introduce a new structure and level of commitment to my life.

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