New volunteer: David Tait

We are pleased to welcome a new volunteer to the team, David Tait. David is based in Renfrewshire and will be working on one of our “Your Area” Guides for us. Here’s a little more about David:

My name is David, I am 26 and I work for an insurance company. I studied Law at Glasgow University and have done a variety of jobs since then. In my spare time, I like reading and going on walks in nature.

I want to volunteer for the HOS because I think it’s a great charity! I have done a lot of volunteer work in the past, including at the Citizens Advice Bureau and at the Scottish Refugee Council. I enjoy giving back in whatever way I can – I think helping someone find a new home would be one of the most rewarding ways to do that.

I think the guide is important because it can be complicated and stressful moving house. There are so many things to consider – from council tax to bin collections – and to have it all in one document would make people’s lives a lot easier. This information is spread all over the internet and it can be inconvenient to locate it all, especially if you aren’t used to browsing the web. I am looking forward to writing the guide about Glasgow – it would be useful to brush up on facilities near me and interesting to learn new things about my home city.

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