Volunteering at HOS: June update

This month we have been working hard to develop different parts of the volunteering programme – especially with our Housing Buddies. As COVID restrictions begin to lift we’re excited to see more of our plans come to fruition, and to see the impact of the work of our volunteers as we help even more clients.

Housing Buddies

Our Housing Buddies team met online to discuss a strategy for our activities coming out of lockdown. We’re planning on giving talks to different groups across Scotland to publicise our work – perhaps even all the way in Orkney! – and we’re also working on developing a process to support clients fill out application forms for social housing. We have also put measures in place to integrate the volunteering with our internal processes more, and the volunteer team now have space to collaborate on projects together, using the HOS shared drive.

Online Researchers

Within the online researcher team, we’ve seen Paula complete another guide this month – this time for East Renfrewshire. Great work!

Learning Disability Research

We have been making good progress with our research into the allocation policies of different housing associations and provisions in place for applicants with a learning disability. Tessa, Lindsay and Ben met online to discuss how to progress the research and the findings so far are interesting. More to follow!

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