Bumper updates: February/March 2020

Time flies! Or at least it does in the world of volunteering at HOS. We have had a busy few months and are just catching our breath from the various exciting developments we are seeing with the programme.

New volunteers

We have had 3 more volunteers join the HOS family – welcome to Sarah, David and Jess who are going to be working on our “Your Area” guides in Dumfries & Galloway, Glasgow and Highlands. Our volunteer programme is well and truly growing to be nationwide (!)

Housing Buddies

Our Housing Buddies have been involved in all kinds of engagements and activities supporting the broker team. We’ve seen our buddies attend four conferences – including speaking about the Housing Buddies programme itself – in Glasgow (x2), Stirling and Dundee; visits to clients in Bearsden and Paisley; and lots of advice offered via email and phone to clients and the broker team. Thank you to Lindsay, Fiona, Shirley, Kath and Anne!

We have also made further plans to grow and develop the programme which we are excited to put into practice over the coming months. These plans will see us create space for our Housing Buddies to share their professional knowledge among one-another (and the HOS broker team), and to explore ways in which we can structure the programme as an opportunity for continual professional development (CPD) with different housing bodies. Watch this space!

Online Researchers

Our online researchers are working hard and we now have guides being written for the following areas: Edinburgh, Stirling, Fife, Dumfries and Galloway, Glasgow and Highlands. We have another 2 volunteers hopefully joining the team in April and are discussing the possibility of linking up with Stirling University to recruit further volunteers. It’s full steam ahead and we are looking forward to sharing our first guide for Edinburgh with clients very soon (!).

Other updates
Over the past few months we have also found time to build our ‘Volunteer Portal’ – an online site which we are using to communicate/support volunteers, and update the role descriptions and policies which were drafted at the beginning of the project.

We have also been able to increase staff support to the programme as our Volunteer Coordinator Ben takes on a new full time role in the organisation as Volunteer and Engagement Manager. Onwards and upwards!

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