Volunteering at HOS: January Update

In January we have continued to progress the different parts of the volunteer programme.

Housing Buddies
We have recruited one more Housing Buddy, Anne, who is based in Perth and are looking forward to welcoming Anne and Kath to the team at our next group Triage meeting in February. Shirley has joined Moira at a meeting in Perth with a client and the council, and has supported one of Olivia’s clients by giving her a call to discuss the next steps of her housing journey. Fiona attended an event with the Scottish Government as part of the Housing 2040 consultation process. We also have cases lined up for February with Lindsay and Fiona set to join Moira and Jil at different conferences, representing Housing Options Scotland. Full steam ahead!

Online Researchers
Our researcher team has been working away at the guides, with great progress made by Tessa in Edinburgh in particular. One of Jil’s clients has already requested information from the guides, and Tessa is set to have a chat with the client to answer questions she has about local services in Edinburgh.

Other activities
We are working with an animator to produce some informative videos for social media. Lindsay, one of our volunteers, has been involved in helping us produce a script for a video on social housing.
There has also been a significant amount of work completed in the ‘background’ this month, with the development of a new volunteer portal to support the team set to launch soon (!)

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