Housing Buddies: Client Meeting

Susan and Fiona in Bridge of Allan, before the client visit

Last week, Housing Options Scotland broker, Susan Mendelovitch and Housing Buddy, Fiona Russell, visited one of Susan’s clients in Bridge of Allan.

The visit was to meet the client and discuss their housing options, reflecting on the different properties available in different areas, and what would suit the client best in the long term. Susan led the discussion with the client but benefited from being able to lean on Fiona for support – she offered her local and professional knowledge about housing in the area.

Susan said: “It was wonderful to have the support of a Housing Buddy on a recent home visit with a client.  I always believe that two minds are better than one!  It was great to have someone with such a vast range of housing experience and local knowledge with me to support me during the visit.  Fiona also asked my client questions that I had not though of asking and overall contributed to the home visit in such a positive way.”

Fiona said: “I did enjoy the visit and appreciated being able to offer some local knowledge to help the discussion.”

We are looking forward to seeing more ‘Housing Buddies’ visits come to fruition soon!

Do you have professional knowledge about housing and are looking for a flexible and supported volunteering opportunity? Join the Housing Buddies team and contact Ben, our Volunteer Coordinator, at ben@housingoptionsscotland.org.uk.

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